Real Estate Agent Information

Cornhusker Home Loans is committed to real estate purchase lending!

Quick and Easy Prequalification

Our process is simple. Experienced loan experts walk your buyers through a proven, in-depth prequalification process. All of your buyers will know up-front where they stand and if they will close on their home.

To help keep your clients organized throughout the home buying process, provide them with the following list of all the documents they’ll need along the way.

Items needed:

  • Name and contact information of homeowner’s insurance agent.
  • Copy of driver’s license for all borrowers.
  • Two most recent paystubs.
  • Two most recent years of W-2s or 1099 tax forms.
  • Two most recent years of personal and business tax returns (only if borrowers are self-employed or own rental property).
  • Two most recent monthly bank statements (please be sure to send all pages).
  • Verification of all assets listed on application (stocks, IRA, 401(k), etc.).

Our Most Popular Mortgage Options for Home Buyers


Get an edge in today’s competitive real estate market with our prequalification process, letting your buyers take care of the mortgage up front—before they find a home.

FHA Loan

Buyers can purchase a home with only 3.5% down. Closing costs can even be a gift from a relative!

30-Year Loan

This is our most popular mortgage, offering a low monthly payment and the security that the rate won’t change for the life of the loan.

VA Loan

No down payment, no PMI, and flexible credit requirements make the VA loan a top choice for veterans and active military members.